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Eirik Jon Jespersen, 22 July - 08 July

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Eirik, not yet 15 years old, on-track to becoming an Eagle Scout, cool kid, and we called him our "bestest boy". The weekend before he left us, we stood in the back yard, with him, his best friend Andrew, and a bunch of neighbors around. We watched him try out his new skateboard ramp with Andrew, and we said to each other: "It doesn't get any better than this".

Eirik was all boy - he had his moments. But one thing that was solidly clear in him was his love for his family. His preferred "kick-back" time was to order in a pizza on a Friday evening and just hang out with his sister and parents; maybe watch some TV together, maybe play some games (he really got into being competitive, but always in a good-natured way). New Year's Eve - He really liked getting treats in and spend the evening playing board games and waiting for the ball to drop.

Eirik had a wonderful sideways smile, and a sparkle in his eye, that let you know he had something more cooking in his head. He had a way of disarming tense situations. And he was always ready with a hug - even in front of his peers and friends.

We miss him; every day we miss him. And we look forward to meeting up again "on that other shore".