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April 2015

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Leesburg Chapter
April 2015


A Warm Welcome
Ellen Osborne, mother of Caroline

Tread Gently

Tread gently near
The tender souls
Who’ve lost a child,
Whose hearts are
Bruised and bleeding;
For healing comes slowly,
With pain in every
Forward step.
Tears in every
Backward look.
So much love still flows
For that special one-
Arms reach out to hold
And back to cling.
But reach forward
Only humbly,
Fearful of forgetting
Or being disloyal
By going on.
There is guilt
In laughing,
Feeling pleasure,
Even being alive.
There are questions
Longings, heartaches.
But slowly, surely,
Strength and healing come,
In God’s own time--
Not as answer,
Nor as forgetting,
But as acceptance,
That this pain, this loss,
Is ours to live with
And somehow,
By God’s grace
To use to bless.

~Joan Splettstoesser, TCF, Monte Vista, CA

Be a Blessing

Be there (in person)
Be available with your time
Be compassionate
Be accepting
Be non-judgmental
Be kind
Be caring
Be gentle
Be a comforter
Be merciful
Be a good listener
Be encouraging
Be a light in the darkness
Be patient
Be empathetic
Be thoughtful
Be open to pain and suffering
Be supportive
Be a giver of hope
Be loving
Be an answer to prayer
Be a messenger of the hope of heaven
Be reliant on God’s grace to be a blessing.

~Bev Elero, Leesburg, VA TCF


It isn’t letting go. It’s going on.
It isn’t only shadows, and it isn’t only dawn.
It isn’t getting through it, it’s letting it come through me.
Not living in the darkness, though the darkness I can see.
It’s living with the sorrow but finding memories sweet.
It’s knowing that it takes both sides to make it all complete.
It’s soaking up the sunshine along with the rain.
It’s learning to let laughter live side by side with pain.
It’s knowing that the years won’t change a love that’s real.
Or take away the joy you brought, or the sorrow that I feel.
It’s knowing tears and laughter can live on the same face.
And your impression in my heart can never be erased.

~Gwen Flowers, TCF, Tyler, TX

Spring Thaws The Wounded Heart

That first spring came too soon
why did daffodils show sunny faces around the grave stone
why did warm breezes blow clouds away
my world, a gray dismal had no room
for this season.
Now years later
the blossoms of love, hope and healing
have broken through grounds of utter despair
warmed by memories of you
I join the daffodils bringing my own smile.

~Alice J. Wisler, Inspired by the life of David Paul Wisler

Easter Thoughts

One more winter overcome,
One more darkness
Turned to light and promise.
Winter is the price for spring,
Struggle is the price for life.
Even in sorrow, remember
To prepare your heart
For celebration—
Next spring perhaps,
Or the spring after that…

~Sascha Wagner