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May 2015

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Leesburg Chapter

May 2015


A Warm Welcome

Shirley Cornett, mother of Renda Michelle Cornett-Hash


Roses for Mom

Dear Mom,

I have chosen the most beautiful roses for you on Mother’s Day. The rose colors in heaven are brilliant and each color has a special meaning:

RED – represents my eternal love for you, it also represents your courage and the respect I have for you.

BURGUNDY – is for your beauty.

WHITE – signifies heaven and my everlasting love for you.

PINK – says ‘Thank You’ and I admire you.

DARK PINK – I appreciate you and I’m so grateful for you.

LIGHT PINK – expresses how sweet you are and for all the joy you gave me.

YELLOW – is for your friendship and caring and remembering our times together.

ORANGE – stands for desire and how much I desire to be with you.

PEACH – You are genuine and sincere.

LAVENDER – I loved you at first sight mom, and I always will.

Mom, close your eyes and picture me giving you the most colorful and beautiful roses you have ever seen. Look at my face and see my radiant smile and the joy within me, look into my eyes and see the sparkle again, feel my bear hug and of course the pats on your back. Now, feel all my love mom, in your heart and then know there is even more love to give you. When you enter heaven’s gate, I will be waiting with the most beautiful roses you have ever seen!

Love, your child.

~Beverly Elero, TCF, Leesburg, VA


Memories Like a Rose

When a child dies, our memories are held tightly with lots of pain, just like the tightly folded petals of the rose bud with the many thorns to stick and prick causing pain.

As we talk about our child and share memories with others, we begin to open ourselves to healing as the rose petals start to open ever so gradually. Just as a rose becomes more beautiful as it blossoms, so do the memories of our child!

Yes, the thorns are still there and will hurt when touched, but oh how beautiful the rose and oh, how beautiful the memory of our children!

Share the memory of your child so that memory can start to bloom to become as beautiful as a rose.

~Julie Timmerman, TCF, Tulsa, OK


A Mother’s Day Gift to God

Lord, today is Mother’s Day, but our

hearts are split in two.

Half is with the child still here,

the other with the child

that is there with you.

All the lovely presents

are a nice surprise,

But the one thing we want most

is missing,

and tears fill our eyes.

We know when you sent them, Lord,

you didn’t promise

how long they would stay.

All you said was to love them,

and treasure each and every day.

But, Lord, it crushed our hearts

when you called for their return.

We feel like half a Mom,

as we ache, weep, and yearn.

But, Lord, tell them we love them

just as much as we did before.

And could you please make a window,

so they can see through heaven’s floor.

Let them see that they are missed

and thought of with each breath,

And that a Mother’s love begins before life,

and does not end with death.

So on this Mother’s Day

the greatest gift we give to you,

For, Lord, we know you missed them,

and you love them too.

~Sheila Simmons, TCF, Atlanta, GA