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September 2015

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Leesburg Chapter
September 2015

A Warm Welcome
Lesli and Neil Trigg, Parents of Laurel


September 13, 2015 is Grandparents Day


My Grandson, My Boy

I never envisioned my life without you.
I pray that I’ll see you when my time is due.
Your smile and laughter filled me with joy.
That look on your face when you got a new toy.
Watching your mother and Nana enduring this pain
Is something unnatural in which I disdain.
It hurts me so deeply to know I can’t take it away.
My facade is not real which changes each day.
I’ll try to get through it the best that I can.
Somehow it’s different because I’m a man.
Your early years were memorable,
filled with obstacles to overcome.
Challenges were many, some left were undone.
I’ll miss your karate, t–ball and all future things.
And to know a beautiful girl will be missing a ring.
No offspring to spoil and you know that I would.
All I have are the memories and know we had fun,
I couldn’t have asked for a better grandson.
At 6 you were taken and I still wonder why,
I visit your plot to go grieve and cry.
It’s hard to take the emptiness and void,
that your absence has created.
Each day I wake and stare at your photo,
only to know that I’ll never see an older version
Of the person within.
I sure miss my little superhero, my Brendonite.

~Papa Kyle ~ TCF, Manchester, NH


The Comfort My Heart Holds

My heart is so very grateful
For the pictures in my mind.
The precious thoughts and memories
My grandson left behind.
The pain that grips my heart
Is quieted by the joy
Of things he said and did
While just a growing boy.
I long to have him here once more
And watch him as he grows.
Yet, the joyful life he has now
Is the comfort my heart holds.
Not one single day goes by
Without a thought of him.
In time and with God’s loving grace
This pain will grow more dim.

~In memory of Chad Cavazos by his grandmother, Patsy Murray, TCF, Tyler, TX


School Days

The summer is mellowing as the days grow shorter . . . the green on the trees seems to droop and look a little duller.
The lazy days of summer take on a busy hustle . . . as families shop for school, each gets a new book satchel.
Soon the quiet streets will be filled as children gather waiting . . . the yellow bus to pick them up, oh the anticipating.
Another teacher’s face that greets upon their arrival . . . but the same old lessons to be learned, to them seems so trivial.
New friends to make, and old ones too, make their days fly past too soon.
But back at home a mother weeps for the child that this year misses . . .no new clothes to buy, no more good-bye hugs and kisses.
For her this joyful time just brings on more heartache . . . another school year starts, another milestone the child cannot make.
So she dries her eyes and tries to go on for the children that remain . . . but each new start, breaks her heart, it’s hard to see the gain.
So if the yellow school bus brings on tears for you this year . . . don’t forget your Compassionate Friends, we are always standing near.

~ Sheila Simmons, TCF, Atlanta, GA


Summer’s End

Always at summer’s end
There comes that moment
When memory brings to me
Gifts from the past.
I see your faces then,
Glistening in the sun.
I hear your laughter then,
Shared by the wind.
And in that glint of time
I feel you near again,
As you were, long ago,
At summer’s end.

~Sascha Wagner