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February 2016

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Leesburg Chapter February 2016

Thank You for Your Love Gifts

Bev & Wright Horton, in loving memory of James Nils & Beth Jespersen, in loving memory of Eirik Debbie Plamondon, in loving memory of Kayleigh Betsy & Brad Quin, in loving memory of Michael

A special thank you to Elizabeth Pickett for making the ornaments in loving memory of her daughter Callie.


A Warm Welcome

Cynthia Caldwell, mother of Raymond Trevor Chidester, father of Olivia Lucia Roya Giordano mother of Mathias

Each month new parents who have suffered the most horrific loss that a human can endure are welcomed into our group. We reach out, we listen with our hearts and we remember. ~Annette Mennen Baldwin


What Does Love Look Like?

It has hands to help others; It has feet to hasten to the poor and needy; It has eyes to see misery and want; It has ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men; That is what love looks like.

~St. Augustine

A Valentine of Love

As long as I can dream, As long as I can think, As long as I can have memory... I will love you.

As long as I have eyes to see And ears to hear, And lips to speak... I will love you.

As long as I have a heart to feel, A soul stirring within me, An imagination to hold you... I will love you.

As long as there is time, As long as there is love, As long as I have breath To speak your name... I will love you.

Because I love you more than anything in the world.

~From TCF Newsletter, Tyler, TX

I want a new language, a language of hope and healing instead of denial and death. I want to remember my child’s LIFE first! And that is the new language of love! ~Darcie D. Sims

Love is the size of a sigh, as light as a kiss, as gentle as a whisper, and as small as a moment in time. It comes in all sizes and shapes and cannot be saved until later. Love simply IS, and you have been loved. So lighten up. Carry less, live more, and love a lot. Love is a good thing to carry and really the ONLY ESSENTIAL thing we need! ~Darcie D. Sims

Love is as Strong as Death

…for love is as strong as death…Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.” Song of Songs 8:6, 7 Our son, Brian, was found in the water after he had been missing for two weeks. Shortly after he died a friend gave us the above scripture. Words cannot express how much this meant. It was as if God was speaking to our hearts. We had the scripture verse printed on the funeral program and later we had it inscribed on his headstone. I knew that love would prevail and that it was stronger than death and the water that covered our son could never quench our love and the river waters could never wash it away. Our love lives on forever and I believe that love is the greatest healing force. When we deeply love it is embedded within us and it is eternal. I believe that opening our hearts to receive the love of God and love from others and giving that love away does more to heal our grieving hearts than anything else. May God open your hearts so that you can receive love and give love freely. “May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other.” 1 Thessalonians 3:12

~Love to you, Beverly Elero, Brian’s Mom TCF, Leesburg, VA

The Healing Power of Love & Grace ~ from Woundedness to a New Wholeness

The healing process is just that — a process. And if we give ourselves permission to fully experience that process, intense emotions and all, we may open a pathway for love and grace to enter our ‘fractured hearts’ and to create the hope and possibility of reconnecting our inner world. That reconnection may give us the courage to move forward from our woundedness to a new and different level of wholeness — a wholeness that allows us to go out into the world and be the instruments of love and light we are all destined to be. Deb Lee Gould, Director, FOD Family Support Group Tyler, Texas TCF Newsletter