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April 2016

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Leesburg Chapter

April 2016


A Warm Welcome

Sharon and Rory Ferrier, parents of Gared

Ann and Martin Robinson, parents of William

Vicki and Jeff Romine, parents of Remi

The Butterfly

by Pavel Friedmann

“The last, the very last, so richly, brightly, dazzlingly yellow. Perhaps if the sun’s tears would sing against a white stone... Such, such a yellow is carried lightly ‘way up high. It went away I’m sure because it wished to kiss the world goodbye. For seven weeks I’ve lived in here, penned up inside this ghetto but I have found my people here. The dandelions call to me and the white chestnut candles in the court. Only I never saw another butterfly. That butterfly was the last one. Butterflies don’t live in here, in the ghetto.”

The Butterfly poem by Pavel Friedmann touched my heart so deeply and in ways I can’t fully express. As I read the poem through my tears, my heart ached for Pavel and all the people in concentration camps. He was only 21 when he arrived at the camp in April, 1942. The yellow butterfly must have symbolized hope to him but it was the last butterfly he ever saw and that hope wouldn’t be for this world but for the next – heaven. He died in Auschwitz on Sept 29, 1944.

~Bev Elero, TCF, Leesburg, VA

Why Butterflies?

Since the early centuries, the butterfly has symbolized renewed life. The caterpillar signifies life here on earth; the cocoon, death; and the butterfly, the emergence of the dead into a new, beautiful and freer existence. Frequently, the butterfly is seen with the word “Nika,” which means victory. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross movingly tells of seeing butterflies drawn all over the walls of the children’s dormitories in the World War II concentration camps. Since Elisabeth believes in the innate intuitiveness of children, she concludes that these children knew their fate and were leaving us a message. Many members of The Compassionate Friends embrace the butterfly -- a symbol -- a sign of hope to them that their children are living in another dimension with greater beauty and freedom -- a comforting thought to many.

~Bluegrass TCF Newsletter

Some Touching Butterfly Quotes

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.

~Rabindranath Tagore

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

~Richard Bach

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.

~Richard Buckminster Fuller

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

~Maya Angelou


O Butterfly, Do You Know?

O magical butterfly, do you know how very beautiful and special you are?

Do you know the meaning that you bring to the hearts of parents whose children have died?

Do you know when you light upon a flower and your wings are close together it looks like you are praying?

Do you know when you take flight it reminds us of our child’s flight to heaven?

Do you know that when you flutter your fragile wings and fly around us, our fragile hearts flutter within us?

Do you know that when you glide so freely through the air, we get a glimpse of the freedom our child is experiencing in heaven?

Do you know that you are a sign of hope and you point to God who created you?

Do you know the thrill we experience when you land on us?

It is a sign to us from our child.

Do you know how brief your life is as you soar through the sky?

We think of our child and the brevity of their life.

Do you know that we never tire of gazing at you as you dance through the air? You remind us of eternal things.

Do you know that you are a gift of God and that you carry on your wings the hopes, dreams and love of bereaved parents for their child?

Do you know that when the sun lights upon your wings, some of that light comes into our hearts to bring light and healing to the darkness there?

Do you know how magical it is when you dance through the sky?

We never want that dance to end and that is why I know butterflies are in heaven and they are dancing with our children and the angels.

~God Bless you with hope, Beverly Elero, Brian’s mom

TCF, Leesburg, VA