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May 2016

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Leesburg Chapter

May 2016


A Warm Welcome

Antoinette Cutrer, mother of Antoine

Rhoda Formoso and RJ Bagatsing, parents of Dianne

Bernadette Nasser, mother of Faris


A Mother’s Heart of Love

While you are waiting for God’s gift, your child, to be born, almost right from the start, you begin to develop the love of a mother’s heart.

When you hold your baby in your arms, your loving mother’s heart wants to protect your child from all harm.

When you gaze at your child’s sweet little face, your mother’s heart is filled with God’s love and grace.

As days, months, and years go by, your child becomes more loved and adored. Your loving mother’s heart is stretched beyond measure to love even more.

What happens to your mother’s heart when your child has died? Your mother’s heart goes on beating with even more love inside.

What can you do with your broken mother’s heart? You give it to God; only He can put the pieces back together part by part.

Stronger than death is a mother’s heart of love; love will live on now and forever in heaven above.

Our children can no longer be held in our wombs and in our arms. They are now held in our hearts of love, safe from harm.

A Blessed Mother’s Day to you!

~Beverly Elero, Brian’s mom, TCF, Leesburg, VA


The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother.

~St. Therese of Lisieux


Mother’s Day: A Father’s View

In our house, as in other bereaved parents’ households, Mother’s Day comes with mixed emotions. Setting aside a day to honor motherhood is only right: mothers do tend to be taken for granted. I remember the childhood joy of getting my mother a special gift, even if the gift was nothing more than a crayon drawing.

As an adult, buying gifts for your mother and the mother of your children still brings back those happy

childhood memories.

But this changed after Erin died. Looking through all the cards at the gift shop only reminds me of this irony.

Cute, humorous, and sweetly sentimental cards await the bereaved father shopping for his grieving wife. I

can’t find the card that will comfort my wife on this day, and even worse, I’m afraid that I’ll buy a card that will bring back only painful memories of the child she lost.

I realize this day, perhaps because it is so widely celebrated, can even years later take my wife back to

grieving she thought she was “through with.” I can never do enough on Mother’s Day; maybe I try to do

too much. I know, of course, that all the cards, gifts, flowers and messy breakfasts in the world can’t make

up for the loss of our child. But I still do all these things; she deserves them.

The unfairness of our daughter’s death will always be there. I know I can’t change that with a card. But I can remind her she is a great mother, a loving mother, and most importantly, she is still the mother of the child we lost. If she’s happy on Mother’s Day I will try my best to keep her there. If she’s depressed, I’ll try to cheer her up as best I can, even though I feel I’m not very good at it. This, then, is the wish I have for her and for all other bereaved mothers on this day: Please be as happy (and proud) as every other mother today; no one can dispute the fact you brought your child into the world.

Although that child is no longer with you, the love you had for her or him remains and can never be taken

away from you. If you should be depressed, may there be family and friends there to remind you of this and comfort you.

To Chris and to you: HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY.

~Al Bots, TCF, Cleveland, OH


Mother’s Love

Even in the fleeting time

that the two of us were three,

You taught us of the purest form of love

that there can be.

- of a mother for her baby

- for the new life that she bore

- for the miracle love created.

How could anyone ask for more?

Short-lived was my chance at motherhood,

because you could not stay,

And I would give almost anything

to see you smile today.

~Sharon S. O’Keefe, TCF, Richmond, VA