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June 2016

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Leesburg Chapter

June 2016


A Warm Welcome

Kerri & Andrew Waldren parents of Robert James


A Father’s Tears

A father’s grief is not always so evident to see, he holds it inside and tries to let it be.

The tears are falling inside his heart, because his beloved child had to depart.

The memories of his child are always right there, but often it is so hard for him to open up and share.

He carries a burden that is far too great to bear, God wants to share the burden because He cares.

A father should feel his pain and allow the tears to fall, God is always there with him, after all.

So dear bereaved father, cry those tears of sorrow…But take hope in being with your child in the heavenly tomorrow.

~Beverly Elero, TCF, Leesburg, VA



I see the grief

behind your earnest eyes.

(You would give anything

to have your child again.)

I feel the helplessness

behind your silent anguish

(You would give anything

to take this hurt away.)

I know you learned

to keep your tears in hiding.

And you were taught

few words to speak for solace,

not yours, not mine.

I see the grief

behind your earnest eyes.

And I will know

to understand and trust you,

loving father.

~Sascha Wagner


“When tears come, I breathe deeply and rest. I know I am swimming in a hallowed stream where many have gone before. I am not alone, crazy or having a nervous breakdown…My heart is at work, my soul is awake.”

~Mary Margaret Funk, “In Thoughts Matter,” Solace Newsletter



Wish You Were Here

You’d be nineteen if you were here

But why you’re gone still isn’t clear.

Your things are still all in your room

As if you’d be returning soon.

SpongeBob waits there by the door.

Your shoes are still there on the floor.

Your friends are all young women now.

They’re working jobs or college bound.

Sometimes we see them and they say

We miss her so, wish she had stayed.

Your boyfriend’s in the Army too

And by the way, he still loves you.

You thought his love was not so true

And that some other girl he’d choose.

But near two years have passed on by

Still to your grave he goes to cry.

Your niece and nephews miss you too,

And talk of the things you used to do.

Your Mother’s going to be alright

And doesn’t cry so much at night.

She puts the flowers on your grave,

And scrapbook pictures tries to save.

And me, I’m still the same old Dad,

The same old routine like I had.

I work real hard to make a way

To pay some bills and pass the day.

I’m not as funny as before

My world’s not happy anymore.

I don’t let on the pain I feel

But deep inside the hurt is real.

Time passes by year after year,

Life goes on with seldom a tear.

One wish I have, a wish so clear

My wish most of all, I wish you were here.


~Steve Tutt, TCF, Tyler, TX


A Father’s Pain

Should the sweet remembrances of those things which so delighted us when he was alive only afflict us now? Since he gave us so much pleasure when we had him, so we ought to cherish his memory and make that memory a glad rather than a sorrowful one. Because one page of your book is blotted, do not forget all the other leaves whose reading is fair and whose pictures are beautiful. We should not be like the miser who never enjoys what he has, but only bewails what he loses.

~Written by Plutarch (a Greek writer, 46-125 A. D.) on the death of his son, who died by suicide.