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September 2016

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Leesburg Chapter

September 2016


A Warm Welcome

Lindsay Padilla, mother of Faith Elise Padilla

Pamela Wright, mother of Nicholas Wright

Love Gifts

Thank You For Your Love Gifts:

Len & Lee Holmberg in loving memory of their daughter, Susan Lee Holmberg



Together, we walk this path of grief.

We may stumble and we may crawl.

And as we walk this path together,

Sometimes we may even fall.

But if there is a hand to help us,

As this trail of tears we trod.

We may feel that the hand that helps us,

Is sent by the loving hand of God.


T – Together we walk this path of grief. It is true, we need not walk alone.

O – Only we who have experienced the death of a child can know what it really means.

G – Giving of ourselves to other bereaved parents helps us to cope with our own grief.

E – Each bereaved parent experiences grief in an individual way.

T – The amount of support and attention we receive when we lose our children helps us to reach out to touch others with compassion.

H – Hope is the essential ingredient that compels us to keep on going.

E – Eternity in heaven – reunited with our beloved children gives us hope.

R – Remembering our precious children every day with honor and giving ourselves and others permission to grieve in our own way.

~Faye McCord, TCF, Jackson, MS


“They came together in their suffering. Though unable to prevent the pain, these fellow grievers found that by sharing their hurt, standing together and supporting one another they could endure devastating losses.”

~Polly Moore


The death of a child is so painful, both emotionally and spiritually, that I truly wondered if my own heart and spirit would ever heal...I soon learned that I could help myself best by helping others. It wasn’t until Robin died that I truly threw myself into volunteer work. That precious little girl left our family a great legacy: I know George and I care more for every living person because of her. We learned firsthand the importance of reaching out to help because others had reached out to us during that crucial time.

~Barbara Bush, bereaved mother


In This Place

Brave hearts, you are here. You have traveled a dreadful distance. You have come, seeking solace, understanding, hope, threads to patch what death’s so cruelly undone.

In this place you can relax and breathe . . . the coats of others’ expectations taken off.

Walk into these few hours as into an oasis where draughts of love and memories can be quaffed.

In this place all names can be spoken; in this place each one’s story may be told.

We will not be discouraged by your sorrow; in this place ALL feelings, we enfold.

Here laughter does not mean we are forgetting; we do not count how many tears are shed.

Both fuel us, fellow travelers, give us courage, for the long and winding road we see ahead.

And those we love are pleased we are together, smile down on us, and bless this day, glad for every tiny step we are taking as they send their light to guide us on our way.

Traveling with us as we journey onward, sending strength for what the miles may bring, they are a part of everything we do that matters— in every dance we dance, and every song we sing.

~Genesse Bourdeau Gentry ~ written for those attending their first meeting of The Compassionate Friends


“When it seems that our sorrow is too great to be borne, let us think of the great family of the heavy-hearted into which our grief has given us entrance, and inevitably, we will feel about us, their arms and their understanding.”

~Helen Keller