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The Meaning of the Saphire Birthstone In Memory of Chris Cleveland

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For Christmas 2009, my husband Roy gave me a necklace with a Saphire Birthsone.This is our our third Christmas without our son Chris, who died 6/24/2007 at age 25. Roy made a card with Chris' picture on the front and wrote the following inside the card.  It took him two weeks to write this, and yes it made me cry, but it made the gift even more special.

Susan Cleveland

The Meaning of the Sapphire Birthstone Pendant

The Birthstone pendant is called “Journey” by its designer. It includes 1.6 Carats of Lab Created Sapphires in a 14 Kt. Gold serpentine setting. Synthetic Sapphires were chosen because they are slightly lighter blue and brighter than natural sapphires due to the commercial grade being naturally flawed.

The Blue of the sapphire represents the blue color of Christopher’s bright eyes.

The Gold represents the color of his blonde hair and fair skin.

The serpentine array of birthstones symbolizes the steps along the path in Christopher’s life journey.

The Sapphire represents September in the Modern Birthstones, and symbolizes when Christopher was born. Chris was born on the Zodiac sign of Virgo which ends September 22, and represents:

Clarity of thought - something that Christopher seemed to have. 

Confidence – Chris’ travels through Mexico and Guatemala and his confidence that he would make it through. He used to tell us not to worry about him.

Wisdom – He had the ability to see into you and use his limited experiences and knowledge to help you see yourself and what you were. He seemed to understand one’s problems and often find them a solution.

Strength – To pull through his illness and keep fighting even though he realized his time was short. To help those in trouble. To go on when facing adversity.

Idealism – He strongly believed in the fair treatment between people, races and nationalities. He had no prejudices except against those who were prejudiced.

Sapphire is thought to be Peaceful and Calming – He didn’t pick fights. And he could certainly be a calming influence.

Wear the pendant proudly and know that a little reminder of Chris is always near your heart.