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Do Not Bring Flowers to My Grave

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Do not bring flowers to my grave and weep
I did not die
I do not sleep

Lament not at my passing
with tears upon my stone
I do not lay beneath the sod
and you are not alone

Bouquets of flowers will not bring me back
my voice cannot be heard
look for me upon the wind
in the song of a singing bird

I now reside within your heart
you must live my life for me
your head, your heart, your hands
have now become my legacy

Allow my heart to beat
in concert with your own
and continue to plant the seeds
of my life that should be sown

You substantiate my life
by the way that you live yours
my physical life has ended
but it opened a special door

The doorway to my soul
is wide open with no hasp or lock
I am there when you need me
when your heart needs to talk.

Energy never dies
your combined energies created me
now I live within you
no pain, no tears, I'm free

Make me proud Mom and Dad
and still share my life with all
although I did not want to go
I responded to my call.

It was time for me to go
for God has a bigger plan
the same for every one of us
every child, every woman, every man.

Grieve not with anger,
hopelessness and doubt
but grieve your pain openly
it must be let out.

Express the rage of injustice
of guilt, pain and fear and plan your new tomorrow's
knowing I'm always near.

Do not bring flowers to my grave
bring sunshine to my heart
and together hearts beating as one
we make a brand new start.

Poem by Mitch Carmody