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By Gretchen Reeder, 2/26/09


Our firstborn needs our prayers for him

Already on the fearsome way,

The "Great Adventure's" lonesome rim

Is made for this uncertain day.


This child of ours, so far ahead

Does not depend on school excuse.

May prayers that now are being said

Be all that any soul can use.


As separately he fills the room

Yet wanders in another place,

The waiting watchers can assume

That Judgment meets all face to face.


The light of life that grows so dim

Still casts its shadow on the floor,

This child of ours, we pray for him,

Facing alone the final door.


Oh, may a brother meet him there,

And grandparents from either side,

The God of Mercy can prepare

No less than other hosts provide.


So much we never comprehend,

Forgive us as we say goodbye.

Each child of ours born a friend

We'll miss until the day we die.