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Your Memory Lives On By Tamara Greep, Aug 26, 2007

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Your Memory Lives On
By Tamara Greep, Aug 26, 2007
Written for Susan and Roy Cleveland
In Memory of their son Christopher Cleveland

The Sun is not quite as bright
The candles don’t burn the same at night
Because wherever you are you hold my light

I wake from a restless sleep, somehow
Believing you’re still here
Instead, I’m faced with loss, and
an awkward sense of fear
So I brew a cup of coffee, and sit
alone releasing tears.

Remembering who you were and all
the joy you brought to me
Remembering your smiling face and
how you lived your life so joyfully
Remembering who you were to others
and who you won’t get the chance to be

My world is not the same, it changed when you went away
But I knew it wouldn’t be the same world
When I gave birth to you that day
You touched my life like no other,
in your special, unique way.

None of us will ever forget you, because
You’re not really gone
For you will always rest in my heart and soul
Where Your Memory Lives On……