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Jennifer Coyne 2/16 - 7/24

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Jennifer Coyne

Jennifer wrote this on her page - "About me - Well lets see, I'd say I'm a pretty easy going person who enjoys life and everything that comes with it, good and bad. I like to see the positive side of everything. I try and take nothing for granted and appreciate everything I have! I believe you only live once so you should take this gift and make everyones day worth living. I think you should try and be everything you can be without stepping on someone else's lawn. We all have our own purpose, but we must come from love to find it. Whenever ego is present, our true purpose is hidden. You must love yourself before you can love others! Remember What we give out, we get in return, its the law of the universe. Prove it to yourself, walk down the street and smile at someone, they will smile back!
Now that you know my philosophy on life, I'll give you a little info on how I enjoy mine! Most importantly I love spending time with friends and family. I wouldn't be where I am today without their support. I live to travel, meet new people, and try new things. I've seen most of the states and am now eager to start discovering the rest of the world. So I grew up in New Mexico and moved to Seattle after graduating from NMSU. I've been in Seattle for about a year and half now and have loved my time here. I've met some awesome people and have had some great times discovering Washington.
Now you have an idea of who I am! Basically, I think I'm a pretty well rounded person who as a good balance between work and play. I like to set and achieve goals, but I have to have fun in the mean time, always up for a good time!"


Forever loved and missed.