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Three Rainbows-First Year Anniversary of Chris Cleveland 9-15 to 6-24

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Three Rainbows – Seneca Rocks, West Virginia – First Year Anniversary – Chris So here we are gathered, frail mortals, After all these months, weeks, days, hours, minutes… For one last formal farewell in your beloved Blue Ridge. We stretch out our hearts and hands once more – Then must get on with this hard business of living minus one – Brother, Nephew, Friend, Son. Tear ourselves away from a long year’s backward glance And journey on without you. Today your monument was dedicated Today we ate all of your favorite foods – And told our favorite stories about you As we sat; family, friends, some of us strangers – All with a common hurt, wondering how you are, and where; A dim rainbow appeared in the sky, brightened to brilliant, Followed by another, lighter, longer, farther off. We took photos. Later, we scattered your ashes at the foot of Seneca Rocks In the rain, laughing through the pain. Driving back surrounded by ancient mountains Now enshrouded, (soft as a whisper) in steam and fog Falling from the center of the sky, Arching across the astral plane to where we had just scattered your remains; A third rainbow – brighter, deeper than the other two came into view, Lighting up the sky as we drove by. No doubt then – Your sure hand painting the sky over which we stand Happy and smiling, well and strong Back one more time to say, “so long.” Back to say “hey” to say “I’m okay,” To thank Andrew and Matt for every minute good and bad, And to wrap arms once more tight around Dad, To thank Mom for life and for the day And to tell them you’ll never be too far away. To tell them again how you felt about fun And remind them, for you, the next adventure had begun. To say in your inimitable, exuberant way, “Remember to smile. I’ll see you in a while.” Aunt Donna Cleveland 6/21/08