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As Afternoon Approaches By Roy Cleveland in Memory Of Chris

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As Afternoon Approaches…
In Memory Of Chris Cleveland 9-15-81-6-24-07

As afternoon approaches, I feel that I must try,
To know that you are gone from our world,
Your spirit remains in my heart and I cry,
To be remembered in vague and wispy dreams
I love you Chris, I just can't seem to say good-bye!

As night approaches, on our deck I sigh,
Thinking of the days that have passed you.
Twenty Five years, so few you got to try,
To live a life, to try and get it right
I love you Chris, I still can't seem to say good-bye!

As weekend approaches at the deck rail I sigh,
No words from you, the loneliness I feel tonight
My best friend is gone, on our deck I cry,
I can't discuss. I can't argue or learn,
It's been months now Chris, And I still can't say Good-bye.

First Christmas is gone, how time does fly,
I dream of the days you were so sick,
Your health we couldn't even buy,
A year ago you were getting well,
Six months gone, I still can't say Good-bye.

I dream of the days you were well; those were high!
Dreams of the future, planned, and those you'll never see,
Then I ask myself “why?”
Why so suddenly, why just now did it have to be?
There is no answer but I still can't say Good-bye.

As the New Year approaches, I fear the memories will fade,
You'll be a distant thought as I grow forever old
I’ll cherish our time so short, talking on the deck, just you and I
The memories are like pictures, no voice, just so cold
I must move on next year, but I’ll never say good-bye.

I’ll just say so long, see you later,
I love you Chris, and I’ll never, ever say good-bye.

Roy F. Cleveland, Father
26 December 2007