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Jeremy on Our Minds

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Does Jeremy have emerald wings?
It very well could be.
For nothing is so nice as green,
Says cousin Zachary.

Still heaven has all sorts of joys,
Not only jeweled wings.
Though little girls and little boys
Lock in on angel things.
Or live like little mermaids,
Who swim and swim and swim,
Or engineers on fancy tracks,
That circle all the rim.

So will Richard hunt with dragons,
And Philip blow the horn?
And Matthew join the lucky ones,
Who ride on unicorns?
While all the "A" girl cousins*
Finds each her special dream,
And Nick researches mansions,
And boys join the tiger team?**

Well, somewhere high in heaven,
Rests our little Jeremy.
I think he sits in wonder,
Upon Our Lady's knee.
And does he wait to welcome us,
Who loved that little soul?
And will he grow from day to day,
Until he is quite whole?

I think there still are things to learn,
Before that shining throne.
And small ones wait in patient turn,
For blessings all their own.
And then before that mighty throne,
Assembling day by day,
God looks at little children and says,
"Now it's time to play."

*Cousins Amberly, Allison, Ada & Ashley
**Austin & Daniel (born Year of the Tiger)

Gretchen Reeder
Grandmother to Jeremy, her 13th grandchild
Aug. 14-15, 1993