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In Memory of Jeremy

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What can be done with this poor little flower?
Too hurt for long, but someone must tend him.
He cannot be cast out to wilt in an hour,
When sunshine and love have the power to mend him.

Someday quite soon a heavenly mother
Will cradle him in the completeness of bliss.
But for now he needs the arms of another,
Someone to cherish him by touch and kiss.

Someone to bathe, to soothe and to hold him,
Someone for solace in the dark of the night,
When pain and exhaustion and sorrow enfold him,
Someone needs offer a glimmer of light.

And so one is chosen to aid in a rescue,
To share in an agony, suffering with him.
And who is this someone, none other than you,
To love to the last as vision grows dim.

To stay to the end, to fill a need,
And never give thought to what might be left.
To give and to give and never once heed,
That saying goodbye means being bereft.

But that little flower, so sad and so torn,
Whose passing has left all empty the room.
That little heart is now newly born,
For you it has blossomed to eternal bloom.

Gretchen Reeder
Jeremy Joseph's Grandmother
August 12, 1993