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SURVIVING From Remembering with Love by Elizabeth Levang & Sherokee Ilse

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"Since Lloyd's death, I have learned I can survive. I've learned my world is different now, but I can make it better because of the deep love my son and I shared and still share." Norma Long Wood

When we look back wistfully over the past months, most of us can take pride in seeing that we have survived our loved one's death. There may have been many times when we doubted that we had either the will or the ability to survive. Our road was unfamiliar and strewn with obstacles; there was little sun to light our way. Yet despite the difficulties, we found both the strength and tools to survive. We learned how to push aside the obstacles and find our way in the darkness. Our loved one's death created a different world for us. And, as the world changed, so have we. We have learned to survive.

I can accept that my world has changed since my loved one died. I have changed, too. I can take pride in seeing that I have survived.